Mr. and Mrs. Michael Axelrod
Ms. Rebecca Barnes and Mr. Richard Webel
Mr. And Mrs. John Boyle
Ms. Jackie C. Burke
Ms. Stuart Evans
Ms. Karen Graham
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Hedges
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Hesse
The Hoffman Family
Ms. Lydia Kellett
Ms. Donna Kelly
Mrs. Harriet Pierce Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lingerfelt
Mr. and Mrs. Ian McDonald
Mr. James Mayo
Dr. and Mrs. Dean McKinney
Ms. Rhonda Mealor and Mr. Richard Taylor
Ms. Cynthia Milligan
Ms. Pamela Minnick
Mr. Nelson Minnick
Mr. Wes Moore
Mrs. Towles Napper
Mr. and Mrs. William Nichols
Mr. Ron Piccari and Mr. John Ross
Mr. Anthony Price
Col.L. Stephen and Dr. Jo Quatannens
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Rabenstein
The Rice Family
Mr. James Ritchie
Mr. and Mrs. CR Stanley
Mr. and Mrs. James Sumrell
Ms. Susan Taylor
Mr. Alan W. Van Wieren
Mrs. Madelon Wallace
Mrs. Judy Warden