The Tryon Hounds, recognized by the Masters of Foxhounds Association since 1935, maintains all the traditions associated with mounted foxhunting and provides a seven-month season of riding to hounds in Polk County, North Carolina, and northern Spartanburg County, South Carolina. The kennels, stable and clubhouse are located on Little Mountain Road, Columbus, North Carolina.

The cubbing season begins in September as a preliminary to the formal hunting season which opens with the Blessing of the Hounds on Thanksgiving Day, and continues through mid-March. Meets are on Wednesdays and Saturdays, with occasional bye-days and joint meets with other packs.

The Joint Masters are responsible for all aspects of foxhunting, as well as for the maintenance of the hounds.

Business affairs of the Hunt are conducted by the Tryon Hounds, Inc., Board of Directors who are elected annually by the subscribers who retain corporate certificates.

Subscriptions in several categories are available for those who regularly ride to hounds. Associate subscriptions are available for those who wish to participate in only social activities.

Successful foxhunting does not "just happen." Without the dedicated efforts of many individuals the hunt could not exist. In addition to routine feeding and health care of the hounds, the Huntsman must provide daily exercise and training year round. A careful breeding program must be established to ensure good sport and a top quality pack. Relationships and communication with landowners must be maintained and constantly monitored by the Masters to ensure there will be land on which to hunt.

Enthusiastic members, riding and non-riding, spend many hours as volunteers in the Hunt’s various projects such as pace events, fund raisers, puppy auctions, social events and country work, including the maintenance of trails and jumps.

Tryon Hounds is fortunate to have a dedicated staff and membership willing to devote countless hours and hard work year round, which combined makes Tryon Hounds one of the most outstanding hunts in the Southeast.