The Tryon Hounds hunt schedule is set to be a big fun one - Click here to view available dates and schedule your breakfast!

  • Please limit your group to 4 couples (singles can pair up with a buddy to make a "couple".) The September dates are limited to 2 couples or two singles as they are simple to do.
  • The early September dates can be a light breakfast in the field after the hunt. These will start usually by 9-9:30 as the hounds don't stay out long in the cubbing season in the heat.
  • You may host your breakfast in the field after the hunt or at a location (home, farm, clubhouse  or other location) 
  • You may make the food yourselves or hire a caterer. There are probably other caterers  -  some of the regulars in the past are in alphabetical order tbelow.

Suggested Caterers:
Amanda Jones (561) 339-0388
The Hare and Hound Catering/Patti Otto (864) 457-3232
Krossroad's Kitchen (Jonathon) (828)-802-1196
Manzolina's Eatery (Demetrios) (828)-440-1400 Mary Prioleau (828) 899-9699
Rural Seed (Karl) (828) 802-1097
Michael Stathakis (864) 266-8380

Suggested Bartenders:
Robert Sullivan (864)-357-52366
Karen Benson (954) 394-2378 (best to text her for quickest response)

Most caterers can also provide bartenders/wait staff..... just ask.

If you have any questions, please contact Ivey Sumrell (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - 704-516-6518)  and discuss your plans with her.  

Looking forward to a GREAT FUN Tryon Hounds Hunt Season! Please organize your group early!