Welcome to Tryon Hounds

Welcome to Tryon Hounds from Will & Deni Films on Vimeo.

Video by Will and Deni McIntyre

This Week with Tryon Hounds

November 27, 2023

Wednesday, November 29 at 8am
Iron Bridge

Parking will be available in the field just next to our usual parking area thanks to Cathy and Stuart Malone

Saturday December 2 at 9am
Greenspace of Fairview - Grain Bins 

Hunt Breakfast to follow at Tryon Hounds Clubhouse
Hosted by: Lydia & John Kolbas, Jolene & Tom Eizember, Tiffany Picheco & John Gaeto, Ian & Amanda McDonald

The Tryon Hounds hunt schedule is set to be a big fun one - Click here to view available dates and schedule your breakfast!

  • Please limit your group to 4 couples (singles can pair up with a buddy to make a "couple".) The September dates are limited to 2 couples or two singles as they are simple to do.
  • The early September dates can be a light breakfast in the field after the hunt. These will start usually by 9-9:30 as the hounds don't stay out long in the cubbing season in the heat.
  • You may host your breakfast in the field after the hunt or at a location (home, farm, clubhouse  or other location) 
  • You may make the food yourselves or hire a caterer. There are probably other caterers  -  some of the regulars in the past are in alphabetical order tbelow.

Suggested Caterers:
Amanda Jones (561) 339-0388
The Hare and Hound Catering/Patti Otto (864) 457-3232
Krossroad's Kitchen (Jonathon) (828)-802-1196
Manzolina's Eatery (Demetrios) (828)-440-1400 Mary Prioleau (828) 899-9699
Rural Seed (Karl) (828) 802-1097
Michael Stathakis (864) 266-8380

Suggested Bartenders:
Robert Sullivan (864)-357-52366
Karen Benson (954) 394-2378 (best to text her for quickest response)

Most caterers can also provide bartenders/wait staff..... just ask.

If you have any questions, please contact Ivey Sumrell (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - 704-516-6518)  and discuss your plans with her.  

Looking forward to a GREAT FUN Tryon Hounds Hunt Season! Please organize your group early!